Specializing in German/Austrian and also American music. 

Hi,I'm Joe Weber and I'd like to give you a little bit of background about me and my band. It started back in 1962 when my father, also an accordion player was hospitalized, and I had to take his place with the Edelweiss Band, a local German band in the Lehigh Valley. I was 11yrs. old at the time. In 1965, I formed a small group, a trio, then known as the " Top Hats ". It consisted of myself on the accordion, a guitar player, and a drummer.  We performed throughout the Lehigh Valley area for many years. In 1969, I joined up with a friend of mine, Al Meixner. We played a few gigs but concentrated mainly on making two albums under the name " Meixner/Weber Orchestra ". It was around 1977 when I went from a guitar player to a trumpet player and a clarinet/sax player. Added to that, was a vocalist, my sister Sue. It was then that our contacts and engagements spread to Maine, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and across Pennsylvania. The band performed on three cruises and also recorded a few albums. In 1999 the band traveled to Austria and performed in a few towns in Burgenland, Austria. We topped it off by performing a concert in the Mozart Hall in Vienna, Austria.

It was around 2010 when the need for the 5piece band was needed only for Beerfests and Oktoberfests. We are continuing to play with just a trio or a trio plus Sue.

I, myself, also have many gigs playing in restuarants and senior living homes.              

Joe Weber Band